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    Paintings > Watercolours

     Seller: Bottega di Cose Vecchie snc. - Firenze (FI)
     Contacts:   Tel. 0552476272 Cell. 336 602329 Send E-MAIL

    Profilo di vecchio
    Profilo di vecchio

    Acqerello raffigurante profilo di vecchio , firmato Daltalene, fine 800 con cornice originale
    Period: 19th Century
    Measures: 66h x 54l x 0p
    Condition: Excellent
    Price :contact

    Item notes

    The costs of any packaging and shipping are considered himself more than the price displayed object. Shipments will be made to successful performance of payments.
    Agreement with carriers specializing in antiques all over the world, including the bureaucratic operations of export for Fine ArtsConvenzionato con trasportatori specializzati nel settore antiquariato per tutto il mondo, comprese le operazioni burocratiche di esportazione per Belle Arti.
    You can pay with Banking discount.

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